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Ask Forgiveness
Ask Forgiveness
MDF, acrylic and latex paint, birch veneer, oak veneer, cherry veneer, mahogany, walnut, basswood, balsa Graphite on Paper
41" x72" x36" 70.25" x 34.25"

"Ask Forgiveness" is an exercise in memory. I thought about artwork that shaped me as an artist and I recreated scale models of the art and the galleries in which they were installed. I combined these into a table top maquette forming a labyrinthine museum. The tabletop museum is accompanied by a floor plan that identifies the gallery and the year I saw the work. Additionally I have recreated some of the artwork at a full scale. In the process of making this work I consider my development as an artist and the forces beyond my control that galvanized my identity as an artist. I have also come face to face with my role as a consumer of art. I am forced to consider the the relationships of the viewer to the artwork and the artist to the viewer. In recreating works of art I am exerting ownership over things that I neither made nor purchased. For suffering my indulgence, I ask forgiveness from both the artists and of the viewer.
Eutopia Contemporary Art Review
by Kelly Montana